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Performance Water Systems offers only the highest quality equipment, exceeding FDA guidelines for our dialysis and healthcare products. These field-proven designs are engineered to deliver years of service with minimal maintenance and the lowest possible energy consumption.

Dialysis Equipment Healthcare Equipment Commercial Equipment
Reverse Osmosis Systems High Purity Water Deionizers
Acid Concentrate Distribution Systems Point of Use/Entry Control Solutions DI Resin Regeneration Programs
Bicarbonate Concentrate Systems Mechanical Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis Systems
Wall Boxes/Supply Boxes Accessories & Supplies Resin and Media Filtration
Sampling Stations
Accessories & Supplies
Dialysis Equipment

Performance Water Systems’ wide range of dialysis equipment options means you’ll find the system that precisely fits your facility’s needs—while meeting or exceeding all CMS and AAMI guidelines. This selection, combined with our field-proven designs and exceptional service, provide you with an unrivaled value.

Reverse Osmosis Systems
Portable RO’s for Hemodialysis — These compact and portable reverse osmosis systems can quickly and quietly turn tap water into dialysis product water—at your professional facility or at home. Completely self-contained, they include dual carbon filters, sediment filter and hardness-reducing anti-scalant. The latest technology is captured with our new Heat disinfect portables that allow for end to end disinfection including the RO membrane all the way to the inlet of the dialysis machine. Learn more
Small In-Patient Hemodialysis Programs — Designed for medium-sized dialysis treatment facilities, this reverse osmosis system meets all CMS regulatory requirements for three to six patient stations and is ideal for acute dialysis, nursing homes and correctional facilities. Learn more
Medium to Large Chronic Outpatient Hemodialysis Programs — Using fully-integrated, field-proven components, these custom-designed systems conserve energy and water while meeting your needs for capacity, budget and footprint. Learn more
Acid Concentrate Distribution
Constructed of best-in-class materials and equipment, acid concentrate distribution systems from Performance Water Systems can reduce your maintenance costs and minimize downtime. Learn more
Bicarbonate Concentrate Systems
Want to mix bicarbonate in bulk and take advantage of the cost savings? We offer a range of complete bicarb systems for low, medium, and high volume use, all meeting AAMI and CMS requirements. Learn more
Wall Boxes/Supply Boxes
Performance Water System wall boxes are available with up to four connections plus a drain. Typical connections are: water, bicarb, and one or two acids. For maximum point of use ultra-filtration our wall boxes are available with dual Nephros or single DSUs in the chase or outside the wall. Plain boxes to drill your own connections also available. Learn more
Custom Sampling Stations
These desirable accessories are customizable and will make the routine collection of samples easy for your staff. Learn more
Accessories and Supplies
Performance Water Systems is your competitive and convenient source for:cartridge filters,chemicals, booster pumps, monitoring equipment, water testing supplies, storage tanks, and more. Learn more
Healthcare Equipment

Many of the leading healthcare providers in the U.S. trust Performance Water Systems for equipment to meet the wide range of vital applications you’ll see below. Once you learn more about us, we think you will too.

High Purity Water
Central Sterile Processing — Water treatment for central sterile processing from Performance Water Systems minimizes maintenance and delivers greater energy efficiency while providing high purity water for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization based on your daily use. Learn more
Laboratory Water — Performance Water Systems can supply your facility with reverse osmosis systems, storage tanks, and deionizer packages that produce up to 18 meg ohm water quality based on your daily use. Systems meet CSLI/CAA/ASTM Type I through Type IV water quality requirements. Learn more
Glassware Washing — The reverse osmosis and deionizer units from Performance Water Systems make sterile, residue-free glassware easy and economical. A variety of systems are available based on your daily use. Learn more
Endoscope Reprocessing — Performance Water Systems offers water treatment solutions that reduce bacteria, particulate and total dissolved solids for endoscope reprocessing and rinsing, decreasing the risk of patient infection. Choose from a range of systems producing volumes based on your daily use. Learn more
Blood Analyzers — To deliver high quality water in your blood analyzer and to produce consistent results, Performance Water Systems provides better than 2 meg ohm resistivity and less than 10 cfu/ml bacteria. We offer a range of systems to meet your flow rate, volume requirements, and budget. Learn more
Point of Use/Entry  Control Solutions
Exceptional Solutions For Washing and Drinking
  • Remove particulate down to 5NM pore size without compromising flow.
  • Attain and maintain high flow rates.
  • Provide proven durability combined with the safety and reliability of true redundant ultrafiltration.
Learn more
Mechanical Water Treatment
Better Utility Water at Your Healthcare Facility
Mechanical water treatment from Performance Water Systems removes calcium, magnesium and other contaminants in your facility’s water supply. The result is water that extends the lifetime of mechanical equipment and medical devices. Learn more
Accessories and Supplies
Choose From a Wide Selection
  • Process and control monitors
  • Pumps
  • Water supply boxes
  • Filters, membranes, and testing supplies
  • Exchange DI
Learn more
Commercial Equipment
Performance Water Systems has the right water treatment solution for your commercial application. Every day, across the U.S., our equipment is successfully at work in a wide range of uses including manufacturing, plating, water tower cooling, print water and much more.
Our deionizers are economical and convenient. DI exchange programs can be custom tailored in concert with the requirements of your facility. Learn more
DI Resin Regeneration Programs
Every Performance Water System DI unit arrives with a pre-addressed resin pack regeneration shipping carton for easy regeneration. Once a resin pack is spent, send it back. The next day, a freshly regenerated pack will be shipped to you. Learn more
Reverse Osmosis
Designed for durability, ease of operation and low energy consumption, RO units from Performance Water Systems provide high quality water for variety of commercial applications. Our flexible designs can be placed on the floor, table, or hung on the wall, providing 365 to 19,200 GPD with custom units available for higher capacitie. Learn more
Resin and Media Filtration
We can provide custom installation utilizing the latest digital control valve or the basic timer valve to complement any resin or media to reduce specific unwanted water constituents. This includes water softeners, carbon filtration for removal, iron removal and sediment filtration. Learn more